Sustainable Brand

My dream…

Because I dreamed of creating elegant sneakers with a Moroccan touch,
Because I dreamed to value the ancestral know-how of Moroccan craftsmen
Because I dreamed of contributing to improving access to education for girls in the landlocked regions of Morocco,
Because I dreamed of creating a Vegan and eco-friendly brand,
not using animal-derived material or packaging made of cardboard or plastic
For all these reasons, I dreamed of creating AMAZ;
AMAZ comes from the term "Amazigh" which means Berber in the Berber language.
AMAZ also refers to love in Portuguese


Modern sneakers handmade by Moroccan craftsmen

Sneakers have become essential pieces of our wardrobes. With AMAZ, we wanted to bring sneakers a unique Moroccan touch. On the basis of an elegant sneakers, elements of Moroccan craftsmanship have been incorporated such as "Sfifa", "Terz Fassi", "Mozouna", "Zwaq".

The AMAZ sneakers are handmade in Morocco by our partner Atelier, in the suburb of Casablanca. "Maâlems" (moroccan name for talented craftsmen) who, thanks to their know-how, make quality and comfortable sneakers

A philanthropic program

The project is also philanthropic because it aims to improve access to education for girls in remote areas of The High Atlas. In Morocco, a majority of girls from rural communities do not have unfortunately the opportunity to continue their education after primary school, as colleges are often far from home. In partnership with the NGO Education For All, for every pair of AMAZ sold, one boarding day for a girl enrolled in secondary school is funded. AMAZ for EDUCATION

Ethical fashion

Aware of the disastrous environmental impacts caused by the textile industry, which is the second most polluting industry after petrochemicals, we are constantly trying to improve ourselves in order to offer the most eco-conscious sneakers possible. We sourced all our materials locally, our ethical sneakers are Vegan and they are packed in reusable fabric totebags without plastic or cardboard wrappings.

In addition, through our collaboration with the brand KOUN and its social enterprise Ressourc'in, based in Casablanca that works for the professional reintegration of young people in difficulty, through upcycling, We have designed a collection made from plastic waste, videotapes and recycled and hand-woven fabric scrap.

Our goal is to ultimately design a fully eco-conscious and sustainable sneakers with the least impact on the environment possible (sole, fabric..). We also want our whole project to be as ethical as possible. Indeed, we ensure that our craftsmen work in good conditions (fair remuneration, decent working conditions) and this in all transparency. Whether through the philanthropic program by contributing to the education of girls in the landlocked areas of Morocco, or by striving to produce the most eco-friendly sneakers possible, or even by valuing and properly rewarding the work of our artisans "Maâlems", we want to offer more than a pair of sneakers but another way of consuming.

Creating a brand is not easy, creating an ethical and committed brand even more. The difficulties are perpetual but encouragement and positive customer feedback make us want every day to surpass ourselves, for our craftsmen, for the girls of the Atlas who aspire for a better future, for the protection of the environment. We want to believe in the future and our work to have the most positive impact possible.

The genesis

AMAZ is a young moroccan brand of ethical sneakers launched by Fadela Bennani in 2017.

Fadela has always had an admiration for Moroccan craftsmanship and liked sneakers. She grew up in Casablanca, Morocco, in a multi-cultural environment. She had an early entrepreneurial spirit even though she was still a student at ESSEC in Paris.

Back in Morocco, when she was a consultant, she realized how important education was for her country. She then sought to invest in an entrepreneurial project with values and impact.

Since then, the adventure AMAZ is born and its history is in your hands ...