Philanthropic program

The AMAZ for Education program

« To educate a girl is to educate an entire nation » Senegalese proverb
The aim of the AMAZ for Education program is to help improve access to education for students in remote areas of Morocco. For this, and in partnership with the NGO Education For All, for every pair of AMAZ sold, a boarding day for a girl enrolled in secondary school is funded.
In Morocco, a majority of girls from rural communities unfortunately do not have the opportunity to continue their education after primary school, as colleges are often far from home.

The NGO - Education For All

Since 2007, it has been promoting secondary school enrollment for girls in remote rural communities in the High Atlas. The NGO builds and runs boarding schools for girls near the colleges. The first school was opened in 2008 in Asni 45 km from Marrakech in the High Atlas Mountains, and the number of boarding schools currently managed by the NGO is 5 for a total of 180 elderly female boarders between 11 and 18 years old.

Residential school operating costs are approximately € 1,000 per girl per year. This money meets their needs in terms of housing, food, school materials, clothing and supervision.

A beautiful year 2019 and good prospects

2019 was a very rich year for the NGO. Indeed, the association received the visit of the princely couple Meghan & Harry. In addition, 27 out of 30 girls passed their baccalaureate exam (90% wich is the double the national average) and will join the 91 girls, who before them, went to the university and will also be supported by the association. In addition, 2 girls were ranked first in the region in literature.

The construction of the 6th house is almost complete.

AMAZ, through its founder, is really proud to help improve the lives of these girls, who would never have had the chance to succeed without the EFA NGO. She had the great privilege of presenting her project to Prince Harry during his visit to Morocco in February 2019, focusing on the issues of girls' education and social entrepreneurship in Morocco.